Engr 150/250 Social Innovation and Entrepreneurship

In Engr 150/250, student teams learn the art of social innovation and entrepreneurship by developing solutions to challenging problems from the social sector. The teams first seek a deep understanding of those they would be serving. The teams then develop prototypes of possible products, services, and business models to test assumptions and to iteratively improve possible solutions. Along the way, the teams receive frequent feedback and coaching from domain experts and successful social entrepreneurs.

The projects have two sources. For some, SIE works with social sector organizations to identify challenges for the teams. For others, student teams come to SIE with projects they would like to explore and develop. If you are a student team with a project idea you would like to possibly develop through an SIE course, you can schedule a coaching session to discuss it.

When a project of either type launches or is seeking students to join the team, a notice will be sent to the SIE email list.

Entrepreneurial Design for Extreme Affordability

Course web site

This is "an intensive, two quarter, hands-on project course in which graduate students apply design, engineering and business skills to create comprehensive solutions for challenges faced by the word’s poor. Multi-disciplinary student teams collaboratively design product prototypes, implementation plans, and user experiences for entrepreneurial ventures in developing countries." Offered winter and spring quarters.

Engr 245 Technology Entrepreneurship and Lean Startups

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In this course "you'll work in teams learning how to turn a great idea into a great company. You’ll learn how to use a business model to brainstorm each part of a company, and customer development to get out of the classroom to see whether anyone other than you would want/use your product. Finally, you’ll see how agile development can help you rapidly iterate your product to build something customers will use and buy." Students apply as a team with an idea for a commercial venture. Offered winter quarter.